Australia Universities Fully funded Government scholarships FOR 20000 AFRICANS 2020 ENTRY ONGOING

Australia Universities Fully funded Government scholarships FOR 20000 AFRICANS 2020 ENTRY ONGOING


There are many scholarship opportunities in Australia, so we recommend that you apply as much as possible. Don’t limit your search to educational institutions: resident universities, the Australian government, international organizations, and government departments in your country may also offer scholarships. University scholarships for foreign students are often awarded by special faculties (for example, a science faculty), so be sure to check with your faculty. Many of them are only available to students enrolling in private courses from certain countries (e.g., Latin American students studying tourism, or Indian students studying business)

Read the scholarship criteria carefully

Before applying for this scholarship, make sure that you submit all that is required. Make sure that your application meets the deadline, answer all the questions asked in sufficient detail, and accompany any necessary supporting documentation. If you have any questions about your application, you should contact your scholarship provider before submitting it to make sure that you submitted it correctly.

Benefits of Australian Awards

Australia Government scholarship Awardees receive the following:-

  • return flight
  • one-time allowance upon arrival
  •  full tuition cost
  •  contribution to living expenses
  •  introductory academic program
  • temporary medical insurance for students abroad
  • additional academic support,

Who can apply?

You must be a citizen and reside in Africa or one of the participating countries of the Australian Award.

You cannot be a resident or permanent citizen of Australia. You cannot apply for residency or citizenship.

Compliance criteria

Australian Award Applicants Must Meet All Requirements candidates from Africa must also meet the following conditions:

  • Minimum academic requirements for a bachelor’s degree or Equivalent;
  • Intermediate and advanced level experts, currently Employed in related fields;
  •  Show a clear vision of how knowledge was gained Used to improve policies through rewards, Practice or reform in your country.

The selection process

  • Applications will be shortlisted after eligibility checking.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

Successful candidates will be notified by October 2019.

  • Preparatory training
  • Successful applicants will be required to attend:
    • course selection counselling
    • pre-departure briefing
    • university’s Introductory Academic Program
    • other required preparatory study on arrival in Australia.

The Application process

NOTE: All applications must be lodged online through the links provided on this page.

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